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Sr. Does

*Udder pictures available upon request*

13 Point BH Stella Rosa

2022 LA score VEEE 90 (4F)

2021 AGS Classification VG+ 89.6 (3F)

Sire: Lost Valley FB Blue Hawaii

SS: Lost Valley ML Fabian

SD: GCH AGS Lost Valley Z Mai Tai 3*M 

Dam: Prairie Wood Hot Jinx

DS: SG NC Promised Land SS Hot Stuff ++*B LA 85 +VV

DD: Prairie Wood Oreo & Cream​


Salt Creek Ranch HB Raspberry
2023 LA Score VVVV 88

2022 LA Score +V+V 85 (yearling FF)

Sire: Sunset Plains WT Huckleberry

SS: Sunset Plains KS Wyatt VVE 88

SD: Sunset Plains DM Poppy Patch +EV+ 82

Dam: Texas Skyz SG Rockin' Robin 1*M +VVV 88

DS: Lost Valley TM Saga *B (Lost Valley ML Toby Mac +*B x Lost Valley HLB Seabrooke 1*M)

DD: Red Wing's Raven (Protctor Hill Farm CH Stetson x SG Red Wing's LC Muffin Top VEV+ 84)


Salt Creek Ranch Ava
2023 LA Score VVEV 87

2022 LA Score +VVE 87 (2F)
2021 AGS Classification G+ 82.6 (FF unofficial score)

Sire: AGS V3C Sundae's Desert Sage

SS: Blue Cactus LL Alejandro

SD: Cypress Valley VR Sundae

Dam: Texas Skyz MR Ignite the Rain

DS: Dancing Dog Memphis Raines VVV 87


Salt Creek Ranch MM Gretel

Sire: Flat Rocks Mischief Managed



Dam: Salt Creek Ranch Ava



JW Critters MS Candy Yams
2023 LA GVVV 86 (FF score)

Short On Heaven Angel 2*M (pending)

2022 LA Score VEEE 90 (5F)

2021 AGS Classification VG 86.5 (4F)

Sire: Rosasharn MS Charlie Brown

SS: Rosasharn NP Magic Spell *B

SD: Rosasharn HM Hello Kitty Kat

Dam: Short On Heaven R Boonie 1*M

DS: Buffalo Clover Reinstatement *B  83 ++V

DD: Short On Heaven TTB Marie


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