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Sales Policy

​  Thank you for your interest in purchasing a goat from us here at Salt Creek Ranch. Please take the time to review our sales policy in full. If you make a purchase with us it is assumed you have read and agree to these sales terms.

No goat will be held without a NON-refundable deposit of:

$100 for registered kids

$50 for unregistered kids

50% of purchase price on adult goats



  • We do not take reservations on kids until they are on the ground but we do keep a Wish List.​ If you're interested in a kid from a certain doe/buck pairing please let me know and I can put you on the wish list to be notified when a kid from that pairing becomes available. We do not take reservations on traits such as blue eyes, moonspots or polled.

  • Kids will be listed for sale here on our website/and or our facebook page and sold on a first come first serve basis.

  • We reserve the right to retain any kid born in our herd and cancel any sale without explanation. (In this case, deposits WILL be refunded)

  • Goats are herd animals and require atleast one goat friend. I will not sell a single goat to someone that does not already own goats.


  • All pick-ups are done here on our Ranch and are scheduled by appointment.

  • Please do not bring any other animals with you for pick up.

  • Due to bio-security, all pick ups will be done at our front entrance unless otherwise arranged.

  • If you place a deposit on a baby goat for pick up when they are weaned I will contact you 2 weeks before their weaning age to schedule a pick up date. If our scheduled pick up date is cancelled or missed you have 24 hours to schedule a new pick up date. If a new pick up date is not scheduled within 24 hours, or, the second pick up date is cancelled or missed, your deposit will be forfeited and the goat will be listed for sale again.

  • Adult goats need to be picked up within 7 days of sending the deposit unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

  • Deposits can be sent via PayPal, CashApp or Venmo. Remaining balance is due in CASH at time of pick up. Please contact us for where to send payment. We do not accept checks.


  • Our goats are vaccinated yearly with CD&T. Does are vaccinated 30 days before kidding, kids will receive a booster at 6-8 weeks of age if still in our care.

  • Kids will have received atleast 1 dose of coccidia prevention before leaving, they will stay on our 3 week coccidia prevention schedule while in our care. 

  • We test yearly for CAE and every other year for CL, brucelosis, q-fever and Johne's disase. New purchases are quarantined and we run a full bio-security panel before they're allowed to join our herd. ---NEGATIVE CAE RESULTS SEPTEMBER 2022.

Goats will  be sold healthy at the time of leaving. When animals are sold from us here at Salt Creek Ranch, you have the right to refuse the animal at the time of pick-up, once the animal has left our property we do not warranty the health of the animal. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

**deposits will NOT be refunded on animal refusals! Please be certain  you want the animal before sending a non-refundable deposit**

*we do not guarantee height on goats

*we do not guarantee any future success in the show ring, milk pail, or linear appraisal on our animals.

*Due to the stress of traveling and a new environment, we recommend establishing a relationship with a Veterinarian that sees and treats goats. Happy to send our local vet recommendations if you need help choosing one.

Bottle Kids:

Baby goats are more than just cute faces and require quite a bit of care, please do plenty of research about bottle feeding goats and their care before inquiring about purchasing a bottle kid. 

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